Drumline Cadences

Cadences, Street Beats, Stand Jams

Hi, I'm Alan Szlosek (sloowww-zick!)

My love for writing drumline music began in the late '90s at Sebring High School. Our marching show music didn't quite match our skill level so I decided to re-write it. I've written music off-and-on since then and have been a teaching assistant for a few drumlines.

This year I got the urge to revisit some unfinished cadences and write some new ones. So here we are!

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to and playing what I've written.

Purchasing Sheet Music

You can purchase sheet music for $5.
You get a PDF and a Sibelius 6 file.

Hit me up if you have questions.

Streetside - Street Beat - $5.00

Your drumline is kickin' it on the parade route. Add Streetside to your repertoire and give your entire band something solid to march to.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Tempo: 110bpm
Duration: 1:06
Basses: 5
Cymbals: 2+

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Short and Sweet Bass Cadence - $0.00

Basses only! Short and Sweet is sixteen measures of rolling groove for your mid-level bassline.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Tempo: 120bpm
Duration: 42 seconds
Basses: 5

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